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Any product purchased from Wig-Warehouse will not be refunded if removed from packaging and/ or shown to have been worn. Returns shipping costs will be met by the customer in every instance. Tracking must be provided to , any loss of product during returns transit will negate any and all refunds due.

Please contact us within the legislated 14 days from delivery regarding any issues with the product, thus allowing a further 14 days to return your product (30 days total)

PLEASE NOTE: All Sales items, reduced items and budget clearance items are ALL non-refundable due to the nature of the sales deal

•    Any FREE product deals given as a result of a full priced product being purchase must also be returned if the primary product/s are being returned

•    Please ensure you are happy with our product before application. Any issues (style/colour/quality) must be addressed and corrected before the packs are opened so they can be returned to us in a sellable condition.

•    We can accept no liability for any damage caused by a salon or third party as this falls within the jurisdiction of the extensionist/salon and client contract and is therefore the responsibility of the extensionist/salon.

•    We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused from incorrect maintenance and the use of non-recommended aftercare products or products known to the customer to cause any adverse allergic reactions

•    Note: It is the responsibility of the customer to choose their own suitable 3rd party glue or tape product for lace fronts

Cleaning Charge: All items (apart from All Sales items, reduced items and budget clearance items) being returned have a £4.80 cleaning charge applied, irrespective, to allow items to go back online

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